Proposed bill in Congress will allow for tax credit toward purchase of hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Assistance Tax Credit Act – Although the original legislation (H.R. 1646 / S. 1019) was not passed in the last congressional session, Hearing Aid Tax Credits have recently been reintroduced in the House of Representatives and Senate.

The current House bill (H.R. 1479)  would allow for a nonrefundable income tax credit of up to $500 per hearing aid for an individual who is either: (1) age 55 or older; or (2) claimed as a dependent of the taxpayer. Tax credit will not be available for individuals / families with taxable income greater than $200,000. The current Senate bill (S. 905) would provide a $500 tax credit per hearing aid to people of all ages.

Please contact your local representative and senators to ask for their support of this important legislation.

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